The Tobkin Enterprises Manifesto

By Mark James Tobkin, April 20th, 2014

The following is a brief overview of the philosophy and thinking of Tobkin Enterprises LLC, an international brokerage firm that merges products from the U.S.A., with demands from other parts of the world. In terms of the Beef Industry, our main focus is trade between the U.S.A. and Asia, with particular emphasis on S. Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Guam, and the Philippines.

The world in which we live is getting smaller and smaller everyday. It is now nearly impossible for any nation to take action of any kind without directly or indirectly affecting the lives of people from other countries. The global economy is enormous, and its impact transcends the market to affect our political, cultural, and economic institutions. Because of mass communication and advanced technology, the global economy affects the output of goods and services of every nation. Gone forever are the days when mighty oceans or mountains allowed any country to isolate itself from the rest of the world. Time zones have been replaced by the 24-hour-a-day stock markets. The fate of the South Korean won and the Thai baht is a matter of major concern to the stock markets of New York, London and Sao Paulo. Today, no nation is an island; but a part of a worldwide economic archipelago.

The globalization of the economy impacts upon the socio-cultural shape of every nation and people on the face of the earth. From soft drinks to jeans, automobiles to computers, television news to movies, the world is being homogenized. As such, mutual respect and increased understanding and cooperation amongst all nations are key essential elements necessary to promote world peace and prosperity for all.

During the past 25 years that I have lived in Asia, I have come to better understand and respect the Asian people and cultures very much. I know of the great potential that exists within Asia, and the great advances that have already been made by the Asian people.

It is not surprising that today we are living in the midst of what is more commonly referred to as the “Pacific Era”. Beyond any doubt, this is an era in which Asia shall play a pivotal role in global events. For that reason, we need to understand the times in which we live, and the challenges and opportunities being presented.

I have seen the incredible vitality and progressive attitude amongst Asian young people. They are not content to just survive; they are very clever, hardworking, and resourceful people who love their respective countries and are moving forward on the cutting edge of many new developments.

The reforms Asia is undertaking to conform to FTA (Free Trade Agreement) rules and regulations will be the catalyst for further reform and opening up in all sectors and across all disciplines. The gradual breaking down of trade barriers will allow us to more easily jointly cooperate to conquer the deserts, eradicate disease, tap the ocean depths, explore the stars and encourage the arts and commerce together. The possibilities are endless.

Cooperation, Trust, and working for the betterment of other nations and peoples, even beyond our own, are of paramount importance, particularly for the more developed countries. Advanced nations must reach out with a helping hand, sharing their high technology and all things that are good and beneficial, with the developing nations of the world. When a new discovery is made, which is beneficial for the whole, it should benefit all nations; not just a few. If something is good for humanity and the world, all people, transcendent of national boundaries, should have access to it. Although this is a process that requires time and careful consideration as to its implementation, I believe it is the inevitable direction we must march towards in the 21st Century.

When we go this way, fresh new visions will emerge and new opportunities will open up in front of us. Along with the risks, so too will the opportunities abound to further unleash the skill and work ethic of the Asian people; to give each industry the opportunity to compete globally, and compete they will.

Asia’s commercial advantages are growing as global investment increasingly flows to a rules-based system. Joint venturing is combining the technologies, marketing, and management skills of Asia, with those from abroad. Workers are increasingly having a stake in the quality and efficiencies of their factories. Wealth is accruing as wages rise to meet the demands for highly skilled workers, many specializing in high-tech industries. It is, in brief, a new revolution that bodes well for all who capitalize upon the opportunities the FTA Agreements present.

As Asia is becoming more prosperous, the nations of the world are having an increasing interest in meeting the demands of Asian consumers. The attempt to meet those demands is obliging us to understand and appreciate the various Asian cultures.

With people and connections throughout Asia, Tobkin Enterprises, LLC is ideally positioned to assist U.S. companies who wish to expand their markets to the Pacific Rim. We may not be the largest brokerage firm by far, but big does not necessarily mean better. For us, as a family-owned and operated company, we pride ourselves with personal integrity, dependability, and trustworthiness, which oftentimes are lost in big bureaucracies.