Sourcing Quality Black Angus Beef

Tobkin Enterprises LLC is committed to linking Black Angus Beef sources in the U.S to the vast markets of Asia

Tobkin Enterprises LLC specializes in sourcing the highest quality U.S. Prime/Choice-graded Black Angus Beef for markets throughout Asia, focusing primarily on S. Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Guam, and the Philippines.

By thoroughly researching the sources of the Black Angus cattle being raised in the upper Midwest of the United States and processed by meat processing plants that meet the highest standards of quality, sanitation and safety, we are assured of the sustainability of the beef supply, and the high quality demanded by our customers.

Where Are Our Sources

Our interest is in sourcing all of our Black Angus Beef from the upper Midwest, primarily in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, the Dakota’s, Kansas, and Nebraska.

Nature has provided the upper Midwest with some of the richest soil in the world. This rich, fertile soil in turn provides for some of the most nutrient-rich crops, which in turn becomes the main food source for some of the highest quality Black Angus beef that can be found anywhere. The upper Midwest is truly the NAPA valley of the beef industry.

What We Look For

We actively foster sustainable development and growth initiatives. Efficient management of livestock production must be done in conjunction with protecting the environment. Although it is not always inexpensive or easy, protecting land, air, and water resources is absolutely necessary in order to ensure our quality of life today, and sustainability for future generations.

In that regard, we look for Black Angus Beef sources that are committed to economic, environmental, and socially responsible operations. Our clients understand this well, and are willing to pay for the quality of beef generated from such cattle operations, and from such processing plants.

Bridging Global Markets

Our specialties are sourcing and promoting exceptional Black Angus Beef products to the global consumer market.

Standing upon a lifetime of experience in International Entrepreneurship and Trade, it is our knowledge, connections, and perspectives that are leveraged to bring high quality beef products into new markets.

Fostering Sustainability

Tobkin Enterprises, LLC. is determined to seek out only the highest quality Black Angus Beef products for the markets we open.

We’re interested in the long-term vision, one which is achieved only through sustainable practices. We believe this is part of the formula for long-term growth.

Full Consulting Services

Our Research and Development branch of the company investigates market conditions to make recommendations based on cultural, political, and other influential factors that affect the global economy.

Brand development, management, and advocacy with multi-media marketing approaches and innovative tracking protocols, ensure our partners are comfortable and knowledgeable of how their products are being presented internationally.

Expanding Global Black Angus Beef Markets


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